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Sheila Nash

Sheila Nash

Formerly a professional actor on the West End stage and Television, now a qualified voice coach and public speaking tutor...

Biography for Sheila Nash

Sheila Nash is a qualified Tutor of Public Speaking, drawing on her stage experience and knowledge of voice work as a professional actor. Incorporating her understanding of the Alexander Technique and Qi Qong (the root of Tai Chi), she has developed a tried and tested method of inspiring confidence in those who need to speak publicly for business or private reasons whatever their age or background. She is available for private tuition as well as workshops around the UK upon request.

Sheila's earliest years were spent in countries around the world and she was educated in English, French and Spanish. She subsequently travelled Europe and the Middle East as a secretary before training for the professional theatre.

She lives in Rusthall, Kent, and enjoys walking in the ancient woodlands thereabouts. She's a member of the community choir Create; continues to explore her artistic talents through art and clay; and is a regular horse-rider. On her travels she has discovered an amazing school in the north of Ethiopia - the Nicholas Robinson School - where she teaches English for a few weeks each year.

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