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"Public Speaking is about confidence and enjoyment. Sheila's course removes the fear so that effective communication can happen".

"This Public Speaking Workshop helped me tackle the various things that always seem to occur to erode my confidence when speaking publicly. I learnt to prepare by being relaxed, to use my breathing properly and what physically needs to happen in order to project my voice. Since the course, I have practiced the techniques and noticed a huge improvement in overall ability and confidence. The relaxed atmosphere of the course put me at my ease and made learning very easy. It was also very good fun!"

"I was a little apprehensive before the workshop, because I have attended a number of presentations given by people whose expertise in their field was sadly not matched by their ability to put their message across, or their understanding of how adults learn. By contrast, Sheila's day turned out to be well paced, nicely balanced in terms of theory and practice, and a good mix of listening, individual and group work. She did ask us to try some things that seemed frankly odd, but she always explained why we were doing them and gave plenty of encouragement and support. I discovered that I have a more powerful voice than I ever imagined, and I found the courage to give a short presentation without my usual prop of rehearsing it to death first. Overall it was a very enlightening and enjoyable day, well suited to hard headed professionals and not in the least 'luvvie'!."

"I wish I had known Sheila when I was in the Police Force and regularly attending Court as a professional witness. I learned more in one day than in all the other speech courses I have ever attended."

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