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Sheila Nash Sheila Nash is a Tutor of Public Speaking drawing on her experience and knowledge of voice-work as a professional actor, addressing the Principles of The Alexander Technique and Qi Qong (Tai Chi is an offshoot of Qi Qong). She has found exciting and new ways of helping people who have difficulty speaking in a public place - whether delivering a prepared speech, a presentation or addressing a group informally.

A unique blend of artistic skills, proven techniques and qualified facilitating:

Learning really does take place

Workshops - single day or weekend residential

Bespoke courses - at all levels including senior executives

Private tuition - where rapid results are paramount

Dress rehearsals - for big occasions

Sheila Nash has skills in:

Sheila is also a qualified Teacher of English
as a Foreign Language (CELTA, grade A)


Speak with Confidence

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Be more Effective in Meetings

Improve your Vocal Techniques

Be Heard and Understood

Enjoy the Limelight

Shine in Company Enhance

Enhance Your Overall Self Esteem

Improve Personal Relationships

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